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hahahah wow man, this is so great. I loved the characters and their perfect voice acting. The animation was very professional aswell. You've earned yourself a fan. Keep making quality animation like this!

asittingduckltd responds:

Thanks for the review!!!!!... :]

Was starting to get dull but mark's last line had me falling of my chair laughing.

hahahaha, perfect. Was legit lolling throughout the whole thing.

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Wow! This is really nice! I dig the part where the new melody comes in at around 1:20.
I also love how the chord progressions keeps changing to stop the song from getting repetitive and keeps the track interesting. Good job!

You're really talented when it comes to singing!

I really dig the melody that comes in at 1:58
Kind of reminds me of adagio for strings by tiesto lol.
Dem beautiful pads that kick in at 2:55 really do amplify the melody, definitely my favourite part of the song. Took quite a while to get to the awesome part of the track, but i'm glad i stayed for it.

My only criticism would be that at first in the intro the notes at 0:11 and 0:26 in the bass sounded kind of odd to me. After hearing the song for a while they started to sound fine as the other instruments came in though.

Overall this is a solid trance track. Good job FB.

ForeverBound responds:

thanks man and yes The bass in the beginning isn't so good but the pads are there already on there way and to make it more simplistic would be great for the bass ( going so far down doesn't sound good on it's own) but it's hard because when the pads are there then it does sound good and in that little part in the beginning the pads actually gain more volume so it's a hard part in the track because i actually can't change the bass there. ( u understand me :P )

but i'm gald u like it

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It looks awesome, do you do text art aswell? because if so, i have a request.

MrKittie responds:

It depends, like what? Pm me


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