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2012-12-20 21:30:40 by benc98

So i've finally purchased the good ol' FL Studio!
Expect my music in 2013 to sound quite different to my 2012 songs. I imagine i'll be trying out a variety of different genres with my new DAW, so i'm not too sure as to what kind of music i'll be uploading in the near future. Following me on Soundcloud and subscribing to me on youtube will keep you updated on what i'm doing with my music :)

Youtube account? say WHAT!?
Yep, that's right folks, i've got a Youtube account now :D (nothing uploaded on it yet though)

Here's my soundcloud account aswell :D

And a big thanks to Decky for creating my profile icon and profile image!

So that all for now peeps, stay tuned for more music from me :D